Paloma yoga

Yoga Studio in Colfax California.

Class Schedule

All classes are one hour unless otherwise noted.
$10 Per Class.
All Levels Welcome!

Tuesday: 10:00am Vinyasa
Wednesday: 10:00am Yin
Wednesday: 6:30pm Vinyasa
Thursday: 10:00AM Vinyasa
Saturday: 9:00am Vinyasa

Tuesday & Thursday mornings: A great way to start your day with a creative yoga flow, design to wake up your internal vibrations and help you tune into the rhythm of your body's voice. Stretching from north to south, east and west, a head to toe practice. We will flow to target key muscles so that we can safely and more comfortably begin to access these postures.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with asanas that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles. Great class for seniors, physical rehab or just looking to slow down and go inwards.

Wednesday evening: This Vinyasa Flow style class will focus on poses to help detoxify your body. Cleanse and rejuvenate with breathing techniques, through twists and postures that flow to unlock the shoulders and hips for a better night sleep.

Saturday morning: Balance Vinyasa is creative class focus on cultivating and containing chi (energy) in the solar plexus as well as strengthening legs and back, building endurance and bringing BALANCE from the inside out. Movement with stillness, effort with surrender, awareness with a sense of ease.

Our Instructors

My name is Fernanda Ruiz, have been a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor (RYT-200) since 2012. My classes are a mix of restorative Hatha, Vinyasa, and Power Flow which integrate alignment, endurance, and breathing techniques with basic postures and creative sequencing. Each of my classes are designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and to improve overall health and vitality.

To me, Yoga is a path to self-mastery through the practice of experiencing divinity within ones' self. It allows the practitioner to be in a place of eternal presence and to experience love within ourselves and others. Through the union of breath and movement, we are able to surrender discomfort and move deeper into the postures. Here we learn to detach from the ego and find inner peace, allowing us to shine outward and share our love with the world. I believe the heart is the source of intuition and truth and when we learn how to live from our hearts, we operate from a deeply rooted and divinely connected place.

I acquired my certification through Lotus Pond Center of Yoga and Health in Tampa, Florida in 2012. I have led classes at the University of South Florida, The Botanical Gardens of Tampa, Evolation Yoga Tampa, Trinity Yoga Studio and RiseFit Outdoors Gym as well as working one on one with several clients. 

In 2014 decided to relocate and began a new journey by attending an eleven day Vippasana Meditation (silent) Retreat in Jesup, Georgia. It was there that I envisioned and understood my path as a healer. This revelation lead me back to my childhood homeland in Veracruz, Mexico. While in Veracruz, I led classes at Santosha Studio, and organized and funded a small Yoga community in Jalcomulco, Veracruz. I also hosted two summer retreats at Green Eco Resort titled “Healing with Love and Self-Awareness”. While being in the jungle, I experienced a deep self quest and lived the change I was longing for.

However my gypsy soul continued to whisper so my family and I resettled in Coloma, California during the summer of 2016. While there I taught classes at Lotus Yoga Studio. Soon after, for the love of the great North Fork of the American River, we relocated and set roots in Colfax, California. It was here in late 2018, that I joined the Rebel Health community guiding Vinyasa classes for nearly two years until the world wide pandemic closed our doors. On September 2021, I took a leap of faith and opened the Paloma Yoga Studio.

I have materialized a long lived dream of creating a Sacred Space where Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Techniques are taught. My ultimate goal is to share this sacred space with the best team of instructors in the area. 


Fernanda Ruiz

Fernanda ruiz